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Owning Beyond: Two Souls On PS4 Will Get You Heavy Rain For Cheaper

Playstation fans rejoice, it was announced today that if you bought the PS4 version of Beyond: Two Souls that you’d be getting the Heavy Rain PS4 port for £7.99 or $11.55 in USD.

Heavy Rain launches next month in March and like its counterpart Beyond: Two Souls is expected to be enhanced to 1080p visuals and 60 fps framerate over its PS3 release. A standalone price hasn’t been set yet for those who haven’t bought Beyond: Two Souls yet. But, if your interested download a digital bundle containing the two games for £34.99 or $51 dollars in USD.

But those interested in Physical copies will be able to buy a Beyond: Two Souls & Heavy Rain bundle for £29.99 or $43 dollars in USD. Personally those interested in this deal should buy separately. Getting Beyond: Two Souls for $30 in the PSN Store, then waiting for the cheap deal on Heavy Rain when that re-releases.

Heavy Rain made its initial release for PS3 back in 2010 and is about a father trying to track down the location of his kidnapped son.

Source: VideoGamer


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