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Overwatch Introduces Ana, Support Sniper

After a couple weeks of teasing a new character, Blizzard has confirmed the newest character to join the Overwatch. Ana, a support class that snipes and heals as well as the mother of Pharah, has been officially announced.

This character looks to be a hybrid character, mixing long-range sniping with support class abilities. Using her sniper rifle, she is able to eliminate targets at a distance or choose to heal allies, again, at a distance. This is different from Widowmaker’s abilities which only allow her to eliminate targets. Ana carries a sidearm, Sleep Dart, in which she can tranquilize key targets as well as a Biotic grenade that, like her sniping abilities, damages foes and stopping their ability to be healed briefly, while healing allies in the blast radius. Ana’s final ability, Nano Boost, allows her to boost a targeted ally to increase his or her movement speed, damage towards foes as well as defense of damage. The Nano Boost is Ana’s special ability so you won’t have to worry about overuse mid play. Blizzard has marked Ana as a three-star difficulty character, making her one of the harder characters to master. For comparison, Hanzo and Genji, among others, are also three-star difficulty characters.

This looks to be a fantastic, as well as a unique style character to add to the line-up. Adding another long distance character to the mix is something that many have wanted and voiced towards Blizzard. The healing abilities does suggest that Ana might not do as much damage as Widowmaker or Hanzo, but that should not stop players from finding a way to utilize her in various ways.

The new character will be free to Overwatch players, as Blizzard has already announced such content will not be paid. There currently is no release date for Ana. You can check more information about Ana at Blizzard’s official page.

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