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Overwatch Heads To The Moon In Its Newest Map

Blizzard continues the steady stream of content for Overwatch today, as they’ve officially revealed the game’s next DLC map. The newest addition to Overwatch will take players to the Moon in a new Assault map. Blizzard released an in-game trailer for the map, as well as a new Developer Update about the map.

The trailer showcases the story behind the lunar base. The map will take place on the Horizon Lunar Colony that Winston grew up on; Winston is heard explaining what happened on the base. It seems like this map will have a ton of lore hidden in it, especially for fans of Winston. It may even lead to some hints about future characters coming to the game. There’s been rumors recently that another animal will become playable, perhaps one of Winston’s former comrades?

In the developer update, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan gives fans an inside look into the map. He goes on to explain the gameplay decisions that Blizzard made when creating the map. Kaplan specifically mentions that the first half of the game will feature several high points suiting characters like Widowmaker or McCree; meanwhile, the second half will feature more low points making it a bit easier for the attackers to get into the defenders’ territory.

Horizon Lunar Colony will feature low gravity segments. Blizzard toyed with the idea of having the whole map be in low gravity, but ultimately decided that it’d be best if it was left for only specific parts. However, there will be a special mode in the Arcade that will enable low gravity on all of the game’s maps. Gravity options will also be added to custom games.

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