Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Comes To Xbox One

Two years ago Microsoft stunned the audience with an announcement of Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on Xbox One. At one time BC was thought to be impossible on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but Microsoft pushed forward with the idea and today there are nearly 400 backward compatible titles playable on Xbox One. Phil Spencer took the feature a step forward today with the announcement of original Xbox backward compatibility. Spencer specifically mentioned Crimson Skies as one of the games that will be playable on Xbox One.

The original Xbox backwards compatibility feature will go live later this year. Details were scarce during this announcement but it is presumed that it will work similarly to the 360 BC feature. You probably don’t have too many Xbox game discs laying around these days so a digital Xbox store will probably be created. Xbox games will look and run better on Xbox One in much the same way the console improves many Xbox 360 games.

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