Original Anime Appare-Ranman Gets announced from Studio P.A. Works

Studio P.A.Works has announced that it will be working on an original anime series titled “Appare-Ranman“. The story follows a socially awkward engineer  Sorano Appare, and a wise yet cowardly samurai named Isshiki Kosame. The two find themselves drifting somewhere in the sea between Japan and America. With no money, they decide to enter the TransAmerica Wild Race to earn enough to get back home. They will make their start in the city of Angels and finish in New York. Now they can only hope that the steam-powered car they built will last through the race.

Along with the announcement of the series we also get a sneak peek with a trailer that you can see below. Let us know what you think of Appare-Ranman in the comment section below and if you will be checking it out when it releases in 2020.

Source: Official Website, Moetron

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