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One Punch Man Season 2 Will Not Be Done By MadHouse

Fans who have been looking forward to watching Sataima and Genos again with the beautiful art and animation by studio MadHouse will be disappointed. Studio MadHouse will not be doing the second season of One Punch Man.

Studio J.C Staff will be taking the project instead. They are known for series such as Toradora!, Pet Girl of Sakura Hall, Bakuman and Food Wars just to name a few. Though we can’t write off Studio J.C Staff, even though some may feel that Studio MadHouse is a better studio, they still have done some amazing work.

Though there is no information regarding to why Studio MadHouse will not be doing the second season of One Punch Man fans should still look forward to the anime when it releases.

One Punch Man is about a Saitama, a regular guy who trained so hard that his hair fell out and that he can beat any enemy with one punch.

If you haven’t seen One Punch Man and want to check it out before the second season airs please visit Hulu or Netflix.

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