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One Piece High School Ad Is Everything I Want and More

How would you like it if the One Piece anime took place within a high school setting? One where Zoro was obsessed with the Kendo Club and instead of his 3-pronged sword style he had three pencils? Well, in a recent promotional ad from Cup Noodles this exact scenario was made possible. The ad focuses on Zoro and features cameos from many characters in the series. The ad has circulated around the internet as fans of the beloved pirate series began dreaming of some kind of spin-off one day; maybe in an alternate dimension featuring the straw hat pirates.

The ad isn’t long of course but it does give you the feeling that if the creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, wanted to partake in this hypothetical version of the series at least he has a good reference. Take a look at the 30-second ad below followed by the Hungry Days ad and let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below. Would you want to see One Piece in a high school setting?


Source: Otaku USA magazine

Joshua D.
Joshua D.
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