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Omega Labyrinth Z Heads Westward

PQube have announced that they will be releasing Omega Labyrinth Z in North America and Europe. The rogue-like RPG will be available on PS4 and Vita.

Tired of feeling self-conscious of her body, protagonist Aina Akemiya has decided to venture forth on a quest to acquire the Grail of Beauty. Rumours suggest that the wish-granting object lies within a secret cave that only appears on Embellir Girls Academy’s opening day.

As one would expect from a rogue-like, the game features random level generation and enemies that only take action when the player does. Should players acquire too much loot, they can send items back to town via the “purse” system. This game also includes a system in which the size of the girls’ busts increase along with their strength. Once they reach Z-Cup, they can unleash their most powerful attack, though they return to normal size afterward. Naturally, there is a touching mini-game present as well for permanent growth. Players can also touch the characters at any time outside of this mini-game for unique reactions. Like some games in the genre, some loot will have mystery properties. Here, the true power of these items comes to light through the use of an “Oppai Appraisal” system.

The English version of Omega Labyrinth Z does not have a release date yet. However, the publisher intends on having it ready in Spring 2018. It will be available in physical format on each platform in both regions.

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