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Old Gods Rising Comes to Steam, May 21

A potential new gem is on the horizon, and you could easily be forgiven for missing this one. The news surrounding Old Gods Rising has been fairly quiet, but the development has proceeded rapidly on what looks to be a visually stunning indie game.

Image © Bad Blood Studios, 2020

Available on Steam next Thursday, May 21, Old Gods Rising is an Adventure Mystery game which looks every bit as atmospheric as others of its kind – seminal games like Myst or The 7th Guest. Old Gods relies on elements of both point-and-click adventures as well as puzzle-solving, set on the imposing backdrop of a university with mysterious origins. Players stand to question what is real and what is a figment of their imaginations as they progress through the story. According to the official Steam listing:

“As the consultant for a maverick director’s new film: ‘Old Gods Rising,’ Professor Tom Winston arrives at Ashgate University to find that things are not quite as they seem. Has he become the unwitting star of Kayfer’s latest project?  Or, has he stumbled into something far more sinister?”

Picture © Bad Blood Studios 2020

Old Gods Rising is the work of Edmonton, Alberta’s Bad Blood Studios which is helmed by former BioWare Art Director Hayden Duvall. It looks as though the striking visual quality that Duvall implemented during his time at BioWare has carried over to his work with his new studio. A fighter in every sense of the word, Duvall’s cancer diagnosis served as incentive to take his career in a new direction, starting Bad Blood Studios. I think I speak for everyone here when I say we’re excited for this game and hope it’s the latest success for Duvall, and the first for his team at Bad Blood!

To see the official steam listing for Old Gods Rising in preparation for its release on May 21, click here! 

To learn more about Bad Blood Studios and this project, visit the company site here. 

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