New Original Xbox BC Titles Leaked?

Today at 6:30 pm EST, Inside Xbox will return with its second episode.  All week, the Xbox Twitter account has been teasing a huge announcement in regards to the original Xbox backward compatibility program. Now ahead of the show later today there has been a leak on the Microsoft store that may suggest some of the games that will be coming to original Xbox BC.

Here’s an image of the possible leaked original Xbox BC titles:

If you are a fan of the original Xbox then you are going to love some of these games. The biggest titles are Destroy All Humans and Morrowwind, which will prospectively be coming later today. Fans of The Elder Scrolls can rejoice as now thanks to the Backwards Compatibility program you can now play Morrowwind, Oblivion and Skyrim all on one platform. This leak may not contain all the games that are being added however, this is a good tease heading into Inside Xbox later this afternoon.

Are you excited for these games? Let us know in the comments! Also stay tuned as we keep you up to date with the latest news today from Inside Xbox.

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