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Octopath Traveler Will Release On Nintendo Switch In July

The upcoming RPG from Square Enix, Octopath Traveler will launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on July 13th according to an announcement made on Nintendo Direct today. Along with the announcement of the release date came reveals for two new characters and a special edition of the game.

The first new character is a young woman named Tressa. She is a merchant who yearns to travel the world. She has a “Purchase” path option which enables her to buy items from almost every person in the game world. Tressa can obtain unique items which are not available in shops and can even participate in unique side quests fulfilling item requests from various NPCs.

The other new character for Octopath Traveler is Alfyn, an apothecary. He is on a quest to heal those who are suffering from illness and injury. Alfyn has the “Inquire” path option which enables him to discern details from NPCs that are not available in normal conversation. This might help him to get better prices on items from shops or gain clues about hidden items.

The skill system in Octopath Traaveler is designed to give you control over your characters’ development. You can use your skill points to purchase low cost abilities right away or you can save them to buy high powered options earlier.

There will be a special edition of Octopath Traveler which will be available along with the standard version of the game. The special edition includes a “sound selection CD”, a world map, a replica coin which was inspired by the in-game currency and a pop-up storybook which emulates the visual style of the graphics.

Check out the announcement video for yourself:

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