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Obsidian Entertainment Reveals New Game The Outer Worlds

At the Video Game awards we were presented with the first look at Obsidian Entertainment’s latest game.

Touted as a new game from the “Original Creators of Fallout” The Outer Worlds is a new RPG being published by Private Division. Featuring a space theme and a colorful new world, The Outer Worlds stands out amongst its competition while keeping the classic RPG story telling.

The Outer Worlds is the first game Obsidian Entertainment will release as a Microsoft first party studio. While it is true that Microsoft will complete their acquisition before Obsidian Entertainment releases The Outer Worlds that does not mean the game itself will be exclusive to the Xbox platform. Just like how Microsoft handled Compulsion Games and their release of We Happy Few, Microsoft will let the Obsidian honor their deal with  Private Division making Outer Worlds a multi platform game. That being said, don’t expect the projects after the release to be multiplatform.

On further inspection we were able to find that Obsidian may have bigger plans for The Outer Worlds. Looking at Obsidian’s latest registered trademarks it appears as though Obsidian plans on expanding on the IP by expanding to areas such as boardgames/ trading cards/ books and perhaps more.

Looks like this IP will be around for a long time. For more on Obsidian Entertainment, check out their history or advice for game makers.

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