O.W.R for June’s Comics Pickups

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to One Word Reviews for the month of June. This is an article where we review the pickups from TICGN’s Comic pickups using one word. These words can range from what we felt after reading the comic or to what we think the comic was about. We hope you will enjoy!

All New All Different Avengers # 10

TICGN All-New, All-Different Avengers (2015-) #10

Word – Intriguing

Reviewer – Golden Oliver

Batman Rebirth # 1

TICGN Batman: Rebirth (2016) #1

Word – Waste

Reviewer – David Yerion

Batman # 1


TICGN Batman (2016-) #1

Word – Fantastic

Reviewer – David Yerion

Explanation – None

 Civil War # 1


TICGN Civil War II (2016-) #1 (of 7)

Word – Heartbreaking

Reviewer – Golden Oliver

Explanation – The anger and rage that Iron Man shows when he found out about the tragedy was hard to look at and even harder to read.

Green Arrow Rebirth # 1

TICGN Green Arrow: Rebirth (2016) #1

Word – Rebirth

Reviewer – Golden Oliver

Explanation – The title on the book of Green Arrow Rebirth matches this issue well, I think its safe to say that Green Arrow is some what back to his former self Pre-New 52.

Green Arrow # 1

TICGN Green Arrow (2016-) #1

Word – Lacking

Reviewer – Golden Oliver

Invincible Iron-Man # 10

TICGN Invincible Iron Man (2015-) #10

Word – Hype

Reviewer – Golden Oliver

Explanation – This issue has me so excited for the next issue. I’m eager to see more of this new character.

Superman Rebirth # 1

TICGN Superman: Rebirth (2016) #1

Word – Insanity

Reviewer – David Yerion

Superman #1

TICGN Superman (2016-) #1

Word – Emotional

Reviewer – David Yerion

The Walking Dead # 155

TICGN The Walking Dead #155

Word – Relief

Reviewer – Golden Oliver

Explanation – Want to avoid spoilers!

Titans Rebirth # 1

TICGN Titans: Rebirth (2016) #1

Word -Heartwarming

Reviewer – Golden Oliver

Explanation – The way this issue was written was moving and it was a touching reunion.

Wonder Woman Rebirth # 1

TICGN Wonder Woman: Rebirth (2016) #1

Word – Truth

Reviewer – Golden Oliver

Explanation – Diana feels like she is living a lie, so she searches for the truth in this issue.

Wonder Woman # 1

TICGN Wonder Woman (2016-) #1

Word – Connecting

Reviewer – Golden Oliver

Explanation – The Pre- New 52 and the New 52 universes are colliding. This is awesome!


Thanks for stopping by and checking out our content. We here at TICGN really appreciate every single one of you guys. Be sure to come back when the story arc to these titles wraps up to check out our in-depth reviews.



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