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Numskull Designs Unveils New Crash Team Racing Merch

That’s right! Numskull Designs has another merch line up their sleeves. To follow the release of the upcoming game releasing on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch on June 21st. So, what’s in it? Let’s have a look, this is a long list!

–          Furry Dice – The perfect addition to any car, you just didn’t know it.

Crash Team Racing Furry Dice

–          Air Fresheners – I mean, you don’t really need a car for these… I wonder what they smell like.

CTR Air Freshener

–          Crate Keychain – For those car keys you don’t have, maybe?

Crate Keyring

–          Trophy Keychain – and when you want to prove you’re the Number 1 Racer…

Trophy Keyring

–          Crash Cove T-shirt – All I can say about this is, I need it and so do you…

Crash Crove T-shirt

–          Eat the Road T-shirt – This will look good on me… I hope.

Eat The Road T-shirt

–          Powerslide Hoodie – It’s so beautiful!

–          Face Snapback – For those snapback lovers!

Face Snapback

–          Racing-inspired Snapback – and for a more tradition hat lover!

Black Hat

–          Metal Badge Mug – I do love me a good mug for me tea!

Metal Badge Mug

–          Wumpa Fruit Crate Mug – This just had to be a mug!

Wumpa Crate Mug

–          Tire Coasters – You can’t get a mug without some coasters!

Tyre Coasters

–          Commemorative Medal – This is so cool.

–          Toolbox Pin Set – For those pin badge lovers… like me.

–          Incense Burner – This is really the main attraction. Who doesn’t love an incense burner!? Especially one that looks like this!

https://youtu.be/3gZaz-wvfuc – Check out this trailer for a better look and tell me you haven’t already fallen in love with it!

Well, that’s your lot! A whole load of new goodies to get your hands on and there really is something for everyone! You can pre-order now right here. Do it!


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