Numerous Iron Harvest Stretch Goals Funded

Not long ago we announced a game that was going to be funded through Kickstarter. Iron Harvest has surpassed the original amount of funding by 219%. As of the moment of I’m writing this, the campaign only has six days left. That’s still plenty of time to get more stretch goals. Right now $1,148,092.02 has been pledged. As you can see in the image below, Co-Op challenges are the next goal that is looking to be completed.

Iron Harvest is an RTS being developed by King Art Games. Players will be taking up a mantle from one of three different factions. The game will be coming out on the PS4,Xbox One and PC. Some of the gams that have been developed include Black Mirror, The Raven Remastered, and The Dwarves. The game currently doesn’t have a real release date as of yet. Once more news is released about this game TiCGN will have it for you.

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