Nuketown Out Now on Xbox One and PC

One thing about having a day job is missing news. One of those items happens to be that Call of Duty:Black Ops 4 got a new map today. Nuketown is now out on the Xbox One and PC. It was recently released on the PS4 before anyone else could have the chance to play it. So now everyone gets the chance to play the map for free. The update was a little over ten gigabytes on the Xbox One.

Not only will players get the Nuketown map, more 2XP is coming to all the aspects of the game. In multiplayer players will get 2 times the experience and more experience points for their tier levels. This added experience also effects the Blackout tier levels as well. Players who need some extra Merits will get those as well. Players looking to kill some of those nasty zombies will be getting 2 times the experience and Nebulium Plasma.

Now players who look for that extra something in Blackout will be noticing something strange on Nuketown Island. The zombies are coming today. Look for Zombie stash sitting somewhere behind the Nuketown sign. Hopefully if your playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 you’re going to have a great weekend. The game is currently the best-selling game of 2018.

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