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(Not so super) Supergirl Review.

So now we have ANOTHER superhero show, because Arrow, Gotham, The Flash, S.H.I.E.L.D, Daredevil and upcoming Jessica Jones just weren’t enough. How long till we hit pure saturation, only time will tell but I predict it to be before the Netflix Defenders crossover.

Anyway, Supergirl is the topic of the day and let’s talk about the first three episodes and what they can tell us about this average at best show.

Oh and very light SPOILER WARNING!


Kara Zor-El is sent moments after Kal-El (Superman) is sent from a dying Krypton to Earth to protect and watch over him, she gets stuck in an area of space that has no time for 20 years and arrives on Earth decades after Superman has become the all American hero. She’s placed with the Danvers family and told to be normal.

She somehow becomes the assistant to Cat Grant even though she is more than incompetent and fails to structure basic sentences together when under pressure. After a plane containing Kara’s sister starts falling does Kara finally take to the sky and National City now has a superhero of their own to rival Coast City, Starling City, Central City, Gotham and Metropolis (remember what I said about saturation…).


The Flash has Cisco Ramon and the natural connection the actors have with one another. Arrow has Felicity Smoak and the aforementioned connection. Gotham has black comedy to a very high level and great chemistry between everyone and I mean EVERYONE. Daredevil has Foggy and stylish tones and darker themes.

Supergirl and her friends are bland, there is no better way to say it but they are so bland it hurts. It feels like a sitcom where one of them is a superhero and the others are reluctantly helping cause they have nothing better to do, everytime Supergirl messes up there could easily be a lone trombone sliding down in the background and it wouldn’t feel out of place. For the most powerful female superhero we have seen on film or television so far I feel they have really played this too light and showing her to be SUPER.

Then her mandatory love interests are there, they don’t do anything apart from exist and sometimes tell her where crime is happening.

The only interesting character is her not-sister who works for a secret government agency who try to contain aliens interfering with Earth. This could’ve been an interesting back and forth between the two over the series but instead they made her forget all of her security protocols and she’s now best buds with her not-sister. Oh and David Harewood is there being the same character from Homeland.


Who? Does David Harewood work for them? I don’t know they haven’t established it.

Fan Reaction

While the pilot reached over 12 million viewers the subsequent episodes have only managed 8, while that’s still a high number it’s A THIRD LESS than original and it’s only going to go further down if the series continues.

Relationship to Other DC Shows and the Universe.

Other shows, non-existent (this is on Time Warner not CW so that makes perfect sense) and this takes decades after the events of Gotham so no chance of that here.

However, the man of steel himself has made two apperences, both blurry with bad CGI and being a deus ex machina.


We have here, the worst superhero show on television right now. If I wasn’t obliged to watch it as an unbiased journalist I would’ve stopped halfway through episode two, nothing about this is appealing apart from the draw of possibly seeing Superman but he’s CG!!

The only positives I can give is that it looks like a comic book which I assume is what they were going for but regardless I can’t imagine this being renewed for season two and I hope it isn’t.

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