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It’s Not A Mirage; New “Ever Oasis” Trailer and Gameplay Demo

Back at least year’s E3, Nintendo unveiled a brand new IP – Ever Oasis. I was very excited to see this news, especially since it seemed to be a game right up my alley. Since its unveiling, we have not really seen or heard much about it. At least, not until this year’s E3.

Ever Oasis tells the story of a Seedling named Tethu, a member of one of three tribes that live in the vast desert. The desert used to be full of green and life, until the Chaos came and corrupted everything, from the plants to the animals. Partnering with a Water Spirit named Esna, Tethu establishes a brand new oasis; one final bastion of hope for the desert. Travelers from all different tribes may come to your oasis and eventually settle there if you fulfill their requests and make them happy. This in turn will level up your oasis and allow you to build more shops, homes, and all manner of things to help your oasis flourish.

The game features a vast, colorful world, full of places to explore and items to collect. An action-oriented combat system allows the player to switch between three party members on the fly, solve the puzzles found in the many dungeons scattered throughout the desert, and take down the Chaos-corrupted animals-turned-monsters.

A new story trailer and a longer gameplay segment was shown during the Nintendo Treehouse presentation at E3. I can’t wait to add this game to my collection when it releases June 23rd.

A playable demo is available for anyone to try on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Check out the trailer and presentation video below:

Story Trailer

Gameplay Demonstration

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