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The Nonary Games Gets a Vita Release Date for Europe

Aksys Games are bringing the Vita version of Zero Escape: The Nonary Games to Europe. While the collection of visual novel/adventure game hybrids already released on PS4 and PC earlier this year, the Vita version will not be out in Europe until December 15, 2017. It will be available in both physical and digital formats.

The Nonary Games includes both 999 (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors) and its sequel, Virtue’s Last Reward. In each of these two mystery adventure games, nine people must solve a series of puzzles. Failing to do so will result in death. As they proceed through the games in hopes of reaching the exit, they will also tackle the mystery of who kidnapped them and why. Virtue’s Last Reward shakes things up by implementing a voting system. After each challenge, all surviving participants must choose to ally or betray those they were working with. With enough trust, everyone could leave peacefully, but betrayal is the faster path to escape. Each game features multiple routes with unique puzzles and endings.

The version of 999 included in this collection has some new features. Unlike the original, this version of the game includes voice acting rather than just blips and bloops. As a modern release, the game has received an HD overhaul as well. It also has a new flowchart that allows players to change routes at will, much like Virtue’s Last Reward.

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games is currently available on PS4 and PC. While the Vita version is not out in Europe yet, it released in North America and Japan earlier this year.

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