No Multiplayer in the new God of War, Norse setting confirmed

The reveal of the new God of War was one of the highlights of E3, but it left fans with a ton of questions; what’s the setting, how is Kratos alive, is that Kratos’s son? While we don’t know everything just yet, details about the game are slowly being revealed.

We don’t know how Kratos is alive just yet, but the game’s director Cory Balrog has confirmed that Kratos remembers everything about his past. The game takes place in the lands of Norse mythology, confirming what many have speculated. Kratos has found a new life in these lands alongside his son; powerful forces are trying to disrupt his life and now he must fight for both his survival and his son’s. Luckily, Kratos’s son will be able to hold his own in combat so you won’t have to babysit him.

The new God of War is still linear like past games; but it’s confirmed to be more open, perhaps to create more unique gameplay experiences when replaying the game. As of now, the game is also set to have no loading screens. The game will not have a multiplayer mode as God of War: Ascension did, that game’s multiplayer didn’t wow anyone so there’s no tears shed here.

God of War does not have a release date yet and will be exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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