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No Man’s Sky is Being Refunded on PSN,Steam, and Amazon

This all started years ago when an epic trailer of space exploration was released. It showed players a world of beauty and exploitation. No Man’s Sky was supposed to be this moment in gaming that changed the way everyone played. Sadly the only thing that changed is how fast the game is being refunded.

Reports online are coming in of players being able to get a refund from Steam, PSN, and Amazon. Players who have purchased the game though the Playstation store that didn’t use a code from another site can talk to customer service. These players will have a chance to get a refund for their purchase of No Man’s Sky. Steam players are being refunded no matter what the play time actually is. I recently tweeted my short experience with the PSN customer service. You can see that Tweet below.


Now if your a player that went and bought the game through Amazon as a digital purchase you may be a little mad. At no point will you be able to get a refund on your money for this game. Amazon just doesn’t give out those refunds for that type of purchase. Now you can still try and talk to Amazons customer service and beg for a refund. I think if enough people do this is will work.

This whole mess is becoming a huge problem for Hello Games and founder Sean Murray. In the past few months Murray has been constantly talking to fans about his game on Twitter. After the launch and rash of problems the constant replies slowly started to become fewer and fewer. Currently the last time he posted anything was on August 18th. Hopefully the crew at Hello Games can slowly turn all this negativity around for them. I will leave some links for players that are looking for help getting a refund. Just click the links below if you are thinking about it. If you got a refund let us know in the comment section below. Also check out our review for No Man’s Sky by clicking this link here.


No Man’s Sky Refund Links

Amazon – No refunds on digital purchases



David Yerion
David Yerionhttp://www.Ticgamesnetwork.com
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