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No Man’s Sky Could Come to Xbox One

This past week we witnessed the released of the highly anticipated No Man’s Sky. The space adventure/crafting game is only available for the PS4 and PC. If the comments or lack of comments made in a recent interview with the Daily Star are any indication, Sean Murray may bring his game to the Xbox One.

The Daily Star asked Murray a very straight forward question regarding the game coming to Xbox One. This is his response to this question:

“In response Murray told us he wasn’t sure what he was “actually allowed to say” at the time, noting that he needed to be “very specific with my words”.”

He didn’t actually state that game won’t have a chance to come out on the Xbox One. A Playstation rep at the interview hurried through this part of the interview. The fact that the rep rushed through this part will raise a few questions.  At no point did Murray actually state the game has no chance to come to the Xbox One.

I for one would love to see this game make it’s way to the Xbox One. I think the fanboys need a chance to play this game. I have seen some Xbox fanboys have been quick to point out that they have a far superior game in Elite: Dangerous. I know that if this game makes it to the Xbox One those players will at least try No Man’s Sky. Let us know in the comment section below how you feel about the chance for this game to make it to the Xbox One. If your looking to buy the game for the PS4 or PC click the links below.


No Man’s Sky Links



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