Nintendo To Release A New Switch Charging Stand In July

While Nintendo Switch owners love the little hybrid console, there are some criticisms for some of its design flaws. One of these flaws is the system’s kickstand. It is notoriously flimsy; I sometimes feel like I am going to break it. Not only is the kickstand dreadfully cheap, you can’t charge the system while using it in Tabletop mode because the USB-C port is blocked. It seems that Nintendo has heard the rants and will soon offer a new solution that will open up new possibilities for playing games on the Switch. Nintendo will release a new adjustable charging stand on July 13th. Check out the tweet from Nintendo of America below:

The new charging stand has adjustable angles which lets you play your Nintendo Switch in tabletop mode while also allowing you to position the screen for the best possible view. You can even charge the system while using the new stand.

The new charging stand will cost $19.99. Unfortunately, it seems that you are literally just purchasing the stand. You will still need the actual charger from your Switch to use with the new stand.

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