Nintendo’s Paid Online Service has a Launch Window

Nintendo’s version of the Xbox Live and PSN has a launch window. Players will have to start paying for the service in September. The information was given out through Nintendo of America’s Twitter account. Nothing about the actual launch date was included.


When this service was first announced I just didn’t think I could pay another year long price like Xbox Live or PSN. Luckily Nintendo will be offering the service at a better price. For the low price of $19.99 a year, players can have a subscription for a year. There will be monthly and quarterly subscriptions as well. In addition to being able to access online multiplayer features, subscribers will be able to access agrowing library of classic Nintendo titles. These classic games will have online multiplayer updates. I recently just purchased a Nintendo Switch and have been loving it so far. I really can’t wait to see how this service works out. Check out our most recent Nintendo Switch game review for 10 Second Run Returns.

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