Nintendo Switch Online Service Adds Cloud Saves and More

The online service for the Nintendo Switch was announced a long time ago and has been continually delayed, with changing release dates and a lack of specifics as to what features would be provided. That has just changed, with Nintendo announcing several features for the Nintendo Switch online service. Most prominent amongst these features is the confirmation of Cloud saves, which gamers have been asking for.

Here’s some more details on the Nintendo Switch online service: 


Here’s a list of the features coming:
  • Online Play
  • 20 NES Games, with added online play
  • Cloud saves and backup
  • Nintendo Switch online smartphone app
  • Special offers and deals for members
There’s also a pricing system set up: 
  • 1 month – 300 Yen – $3.99
  • 3 months – 800 Yen – $7.99
  • 12 months – 2400 Yen $19.99
  • Family membership – 12 months – $34.99

For more details, you can check the Nintendo online service website here.

This is definitely great news for fans. The Nintendo Switch online service will be launching in September 2018.

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