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Nintendo Stock Skyrockets After Pokémon Go Release

If you needed any more evidence that Pokémon Go is rapidly becoming a miracle for Nintendo then look no further than the stock market. As of this writing Nintendo stock has risen 23% in early morning trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. This is in addition to a 10% increase last Friday.

Bloomberg TV’s David Ingles points out that this is the largest single day stock price increase Nintendo has seen since 1983. For the sake of context, that was when Nintendo was preparing to release the Famicom in Japan (which most Americans know as the NES.)

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game released last week for iOS and Android smart devices. Players move about in the real world to catch in-game Pokémon which they can then raise, train and use in battles against other players. The game has already lead to some bizarre occurrences such as one player discovering a corpse. Pokémon Go may even temporarily have more daily active users than Twitter – on Android devices at least.

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