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Nintendo Shuts Down Fan-Made Pokemon Uranium

Nintendo has stopped another fan-made game from being released this week. Right after shutting down the Metroid 2 remake, Nintendo has successfully stopped the new Pokemon Uranium. Uranium took these fans over 9 years to create.

We are blown away by the response this game has received, and we thank you all so much for your outstanding support.

Pokemon Uranium apparently was a huge hit with over 1,500,000 downloads since it was first launched. Sadly the guys behind the game had been notified that Nintendo was looking to shut the game down. So before they actually got the notification to shut Uranium down they when and stopped people from downloading it from their site. This is a direct quote from the statement released today:

“After receiving more than 1,500,000 downloads of our game, we have been notified of multiple takedown notices from lawyers representing Nintendo of America. While we have not personally been contacted, it’s clear what their wishes are, and we respect those wishes deeply. Therefore, we will no longer provide official download links for the game through our website.”

Players will still get news and updates from the developers of this game. Until Nintendo completely shuts the whole project down. I would advise against looking for this game now that it will found at torrent sites. Now that they have no control on the distribution the game shouldn’t be downloaded at all. We here at TiCGN do not condone the use of those sites to download games.

If you had a chance to play this game let us know how it was. All you need to do is leave a comment below in our awesome comment section.

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