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Nintendo NX Using Cartridges According to Wall Street Journal

The Nintendo NX has been rumored to be bringing back cartridges to home consoles for a while now. Now I think it’s finally safe to say that this is no longer a rumor. The article itself was more about how cartridges have finally caught up to optical discs as a better distribution format for physical media, but there were also good tidbits about what Nintendo has planned for the NX. According to the article by the Wall Street Journal¬†(WSJ), sources have confirmed that Nintendo plans on using cartridges for the Nintendo NX.

Nintendo Co. plans to adopt cartridges for its next-generation videogame console, people familiar with the matter said, a step that might prompt a reassessment of the old-school format.

The Wall Street Journal reached out to a Nintendo spokesman, but they declined to comment about the matter. Considering that the Nintendo NX is rumored to be a hybrid system and the main audience Nintendo aims for are children, using cartridges makes a whole lot more sense.

A Nintendo spokesman declined to comment on whether the NX would use cartridges. The company has been tight-lipped about the system beyond saying that it would be unveiled by the end of this year.

Nintendo said the Nintendo NX would not be spoken of until 2016. It’s already September and Nintendo has not even said a peep about the future console, but that might be changing very soon. The WSJ wrote notes tha analysts believe the reveal could come before the Tokyo Game Show, which starts September 15.

I would advise anyone to still take a wait-and-see approach with anything regarding Nintendo NX news. As far as I’m concerned, I will wait until Nintendo finally decides to officially announce Nintendo NX. Hopefully we all find out ahead of the Tokyo Game Show. We have certainly waited long enough.

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