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Nintendo NX May Use Cartridges After All

The Nintendo NX is still shrouded in mystery. So much so that it is still referred to by its code-name. However, some new evidence has surfaced that may clear some of the fog surrounding the console. On the website, NeoGaf, user Atheerios┬áhas pointed out some interesting things about the game patent filing for Nintendo Wii U/NX game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here’s the first picture of the U.S. Patent filings for the Wii U games:


If you look through the Goods and Services portion of the U.S Patent it specifically states for the Wii U games they use video game discs or compact/optical discs, with no mention of cartridges to be found. Now here is what the U.S. Patent’s says for the Nintendo 3DS games:


As you can see by Atheerios’ highlights, the games on Nintendo 3DS specifically state video game cartridges with no mention of optical disc. Alright, now for the good part. Here’s the new U.S. Patent for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild U.S. Patent shows video game cartridges as well as video game discs. This is some pretty solid evidence that the Nintendo NX may be cartridge based. I very much doubt there is any type of Nintendo 3DS port of the new Zelda coming out. That leaves us with the assumption that the disc version of the new Zelda is for the Wii U and the cartridge version is for the Nintendo NX. I wouldn’t put it past Nintendo to make the NX a cartridge based system; especially if the NX is a console/portable hybrid. Nintendo continues to walk to the beat of there own drum, preferring the blue ocean to the red. This just makes me more intrigued as to what the Nintendo NX will be and feature. Let’s hope it works out for Nintendo fans.

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