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Nintendo News Roundup: Week of May 9th

What’s up everybody and welcome to the Nintendo News Roundup. Did you miss any of the news regarding Nintendo this week? Well, look no further. Here you’ll find the important news, not so important news, and Nintendo things that are just news to me.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Gameplay trailer released

It’s time to be the very best like no one ever was again. The new Pokémon Sun and Moon gameplay trailer has come out and with it comes a plethora of new information. The game will be coming to the 3DS family of consoles on Nov 18 and take place in the Alola region. The starters are once again made up of the standard fire, water, and grass types, but those aren’t the only new Pokémon you get a glimpse of. Check out the trailer below for more.

New First 4 Figures Samus figure unveiled

First 4 Figures (F4F) is back with another figure of everyone’s favorite intergalactic bounty hunter that isn’t Boba Fett. F4F has crafted another Samus Aran figure. This time sporting the iconic Varia Suit from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The figure stands at 20.7 inches tall and is made of high quality polystone that’s hand painted. There will be two versions available: An exclusive model featuring LED’s priced at $430.00 USD and the other without LED’s for $385.00 USD. The figure is set to release first quarter of 2017 and preorders are available now. The quantities will be limited so get it while you can.

As someone that has purchased a figure from F4F (Link riding the Loftwing…so dope!!!) I can speak for the quality of an F4F figure and F4F is, in my humble opinion, simply unrivaled. You can check out the details right here.

Minecraft: Wii U Edition gets Mario-fied

With not much Wii U game news, or games, coming to the Wii U anymore this comes as a pleasant surprise. On May 17 The Super Mario Mash-Up pack will be available, for free, for the Wii U edition of Minecraft. The physical version of Minecraft: Wii U edition will hit stores June 17 and will come with the Mario DLC included. It is currently available for preorder on Amazon. If you can’t wait that long Minecraft is currently available for digital download on Wii U from the Nintendo eShop and Nintendo.com. For more details check out David Yerion’s article right here on TiCGN.

Mobile versions of Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing free to play

DeNA has revealed that the new Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games they’re making for Nintendo’s mobile gaming division will be free to play. Which means both will almost certainly be littered with micro-transactions. It’s great Nintendo is finally releasing actual games for mobile, but we will just have to wait and see when it comes to the quality of the titles. Hopefully, both will live up to their respective counterparts available on console. Both games are expected to release fall 2016 in the West. For full details click right here.

Monster Hunter generations release date announced for North America

The sequel to the much loved Monster Hunter 4 has been revealed. Monster Hunter Generations will be released on the 3DS on July 15 in North America. Coinciding with the games release, a special edition New Nintendo 3DS XL will be available as well. The New 3DS XL will be Monster Hunter Generations themed. For more details click right here.

New Phoenix Wright game coming soon

The Ace Attorney is back! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice Will be coming out this September on the 3DS. The game will be digital only and available for purchase in the eShop for $29.99 USD. Considering the last game in the series, Dual Destinies, was never released state side, we can only hope Capcom will bring it here as well.

Nintendo 2DS price drop

The Nintendo 2DS will officially be priced at $79.99 USD starting May 20. Not a bad price for a console that has many great games available for it, and, let’s not forget, a new Pokémon game coming. Yeah, it doesn’t have the 3D part, but it’s not a big deal. To me at least. If you haven’t purchased a 2DS/3DS and have wanted one, now’s the time. Full details right here.

New event Pokémon available

A new event Pokémon is available right now to get a hold of by doing not a whole lot. A shiny Xerneas can be gotten via internet May 11, 2016 – May 17, 2016. For more details click right here.

That isn’t all the Nintendo news stories, but those are the important ones to me. If you feel like I’ve missed anything Nintendo related that happened this week that is important or just important to you, please feel free to share them in the comments below.








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