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Nintendo News Roundup: Week of May 23rd

What’s up everybody and welcome to the Nintendo News Roundup. Did you miss any of the news regarding Nintendo this week? Well, look no further. Here you’ll find the important news, not so important news, and Nintendo things that are just news to me.

Play the new Zelda game in June…but there’s a catch

Nintendo is giving a lucky few, and by few I mean 500, the opportunity to play the Legend of Zelda for Wii U on June 14. If you are not so blessed, don’t feel so bad because according to their Facebook event details:

Regardless of whether or not you secure a wristband, all fans are invited to Nintendo NY starting at 12 p.m. ET on June 14 to watch live streams of Treehouse: Live and gameplay of The Legend of Zelda direct from Nintendo’s booth at E3 on the store’s 15-foot gaming screen! Plus, you can watch guided gameplay demonstrations and participate in The Legend of Zelda trivia to win EXCLUSIVE limited edition prizes (while supplies last) until the event concludes on June 19!

Full details on how to be among the 500 can be found right here.

More Pokémon GO information revealed

Becoming a real life (kind of) Pokémon trainer is drawing closer and closer. On pokemon.com they go into more details for the game. They go into details about how to customize your character, battle, add to your Pokédex, etc. It’s looking like the game is coming together nicely, but we’ll still have to wait and see. You can check out all the info right here.

Nintendo’s has a new handheld coming?

According to a Yahoo Japan finance report from Morgan Stanley Japan; Nintendo is not only hard at work on the Nintendo NX, but also the Nintendo MH. This may be the reason The Legend of Zelda is hogging all the E3 spotlight to such a degree that even the Nintendo 3DS isn’t allowed into the party. The mentioning of the handheld shows as follows (according to google translate):

…conventional “health services, theme parks, mobile game” from the new business, such as, but was switched next-generation game machine “NX” and next-generation portable game machine to “MH (tentative name)”…

You can see the whole document here.

However, this rumor was quickly squashed (but not by Nintendo though, so…); Dr. Serkan Toto, CEO of Tokyo-based game industry consultancy, Kantan-Games took to Twitter to quickly shut down any talk of the Nintendo MH being a real thing. He says:

1) That Morgan Stanley Japan note on Nintendo does NOT mean a portable console or the name “MH” is confirmed. They are picturing a scenario.

2) Such “rich” forward-looking analysis and also the wording is standard in investor notes. I know because I read *tons* of them ;).

You can check out his tweets right here; but should we believe him? I guess, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the Nintendo MH turned out to be true. Since Nintendo didn’t refute the claim itself there may be some relevance to it, but they also didn’t address the “leaked NX controller incident” either. So, let the rumors begin. We do speculate a little on it during this week’s episode of the Writer’s Block.

Kirby: Planet Robobot overview trailer released

Looks like just more Kirby. Which is great. I enjoy the standard Kirby games (not that Rainbow Curse stylus only nonsense) . There’s just something about them. I thought Kirby:Triple Deluxe was a really fun (albeit easy) game. Kirby: Planet Robobot drops June 10 on the Nintendo 3DS/2DS. Check out the trailer below.

New Virtual Console releases this week

Wii U:


Zoda’s Revenge: StarTropics II

You can see more right here.

That isn’t all the Nintendo news stories, but those are the important ones to me. If you feel like I’ve missed anything Nintendo related that happened this week that is important or just important to you, please feel free to share them in the comments below.


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