Nintendo News Roundup: Week of July 22nd

What’s up everybody and welcome to the Nintendo News Roundup. Did you miss any of the news regarding Nintendo this week? Well, look no further. Here you’ll find the important news, not so important news, and Nintendo things that are just news to me.

Nintendo is keeping it casual

With the launch of the Nintendo NX coming in March of next year, Nintendo has no doubt sent quite a few dev kits to developers. Even with the kits out mums the word when it comes to any kind information regarding the system. During a recent Ubisoft financial conference call Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, had this to say about the Nintendo NX per Attack of the Fanboy:

On the NX, what we have seen is really great, so we think having a new machine coming is going to help the industry to continue to grow and to take lots more casual players back in the industry.

It seems Nintendo, in a move surprising no one, is still chasing the casual audience. Though I believe capturing the casual audience can be best accomplished on mobile (which they have done with the phenomenon that is Pokémon GO). My hope is that, while they may be chasing the casual audience with the Nintendo NX, the control method for the console is not off putting in a way to scare off third party developers and the hardcore. We will have to wait and see. My money is on a reveal at a Nintendo Space World type of event they’ll throw.

Nostalgia to the max

Though I don’t like the idea of the Mini NES as it exists right now (you can read my thoughts on it right here), I can’t help it when I look at the thing, it just brings me back too all those good memories of playing Nintendo as a kid. They launched a trailer for the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition and man does it try to get you right in the feels. You can watch the trailer below.

New Pokémon Sun & Moon trailer reveals six new Pokémon and new modes

On Tuesday the Pokémon Company released a trailer showing off new Pokémon from the Alola region, as well as a couple new game modes. Probably the mode most trainers will be interested in is the new Hyper Trainer Mode. Hyper Training is used to improve the stats on Pokémon that have already reached level 100. This function may prove to come into play with the competitive scene of Pokémon. You can check out the trailer below.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is adding Amiibo support

Nintendo has just announced that Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be getting a new update this fall which will add Amiibo support to the game. It’s unsure as to what the they’ll will do in the game and if non-Animal Crossing amiibos will be supported. There is also a tease of Splatoon amiibos adding Splatoon inspired content to the game. It appears as if the Squid Sisters will be able to move into your town…

You can check out the rest of Bobby’s article right here on TiCGN.

Notable game releases this week (via Nintendo Press Room)

Nintendo eShop for Wii U:

Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins + Training Demo – In this demo, enjoy the full animated short movie (Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins), then jump into training to prepare for combat. It’ll take more than luck to master the Arwing jet, the Gyrowing flight drone, and the Landmaster tank!

Check out the trailer below.

Star Fox Guard – Special Demo – Grippy Toad, the founder of Corneria Precious Metals Ltd., and Slippy Toad of the legendary team Star Fox needs your help protecting their booming business! All you have to do is keep an eye on a dozen video screens as you mow down waves of attacking robots with your turret-mounted cameras!

Check out the trailer below.

Buddy & Me: Dream Edition – Race through an enchanted forest together with your magical flying companion, Buddy, in this endless dream about exploration and friendship. The game is a charming experience for all ages and skills, upgraded with exclusive content for the Wii U version. The Buddy & Me: Dream Edition game will be available on July 21.

Check out Ryan’s review of the of the game right here on TiCGN. You can also check out the trailer below.

Wii U Virtual Console:

Pokémon Ranger – With the help of Pokémon, set out on a fun-filled adventure! You play as a Pokémon Ranger in the Fiore Region, where you work to preserve nature and protect Pokémon. The Pokémon Ranger game features a great storyline and a wide variety of missions to complete. It’s a lot of fun to capture Pokémon using the Capture Styler, and you’ll have to experiment with different Poké Assists to secure the Pokémon that are more difficult to capture. Becoming a Pokémon Ranger will be a blast for any Pokémon fan.

Check out the trailer below.

That isn’t all the Nintendo news stories, but those are the important ones to me. If you feel like I’ve missed anything Nintendo related that happened this week that is important or just important to you, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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