Nintendo Labo VR kits announced

Not to be left out of the VR fad, Nintendo has announced a series of Labo VR expansions for use with the Switch. These expansions will allow players to construct various contraptions known as To-yCons out of cardboard and use them with select virtual reality games. Keep in mind that these Toy-Cons will only work with specific VR games so don’t make any plans to play Super Mario Odyssey from the plump plumber’s perspective.

The blaster rifle accessory looks fairly self explanatory – blast enemies in some type of virtual combat scenario and it is easy to imagine using the camera Toy-Con for some kind of wildlife photography simulation. I have no clue what players are supposed to do with that elephant trunk though. Perhaps you will be able to “see” through the elephant’s trunk to sniff out goodies.

The complete Labo VR kit with all of the Toy-Cons and VR goggles will retail for a whopping $80 USD. There will also be a starter set which comes with the VR goggles and blaster accessory for $40 USD. If you buy the starter set you will be able to purchase the other Labo VR Toy-Cons through expansion sets from Nintendo’s website. Those will cost $20 USD each.

Here’s a look at everything included with the full set.

The Labo VR kits will be released on April 12th in the United States.

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