Nintendo has reportedly begun production of two new Switch models

Two new models of the popular Nintendo Switch are reportedly in production according to the Wall Street Journal. This would suggest that the new versions of the hybrid console will be released later this year ahead of the holiday shopping season. It has been something of an open secret that Nintendo had been working on new versions of the Switch but the company has thus far refused to officially announce them.

Interestingly enough, the Wall Street Journal reports that Nintendo has moved Switch production out of China. The new systems are reportedly being manufactured somewhere in Southeast Asia. This would likely be due to President Trump’s recent proposal to impose a 25% tariff on electronic devices manufactured in China which would drive up the price of smartphones, tablets and video game consoles produced in that country. Production of the current model of the Switch is also said to have been moved out of China.

One of the new versions of the Nintendo Switch is thought to be considerably more powerful than the launch model. This would be consistent with how Nintendo has treated its past portable video game consoles. The 3DS family saw the “New 3DS” which boasted a faster processor than the original. Before that Nintendo released the DSi, a more powerful version of the DS.

The other Switch model is said to be a budget version with less features and slightly less powerful than the original Switch.

As always, it is best to take rumors like these with a grain of salt unless an official announcement is made. If these new systems are real then my guess is we will know about them by September. Check back with The Inner Circle and we will be sure to let you know if Nintendo does indeed announce new versions of the Switch.

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