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Nintendo Emulator Not Coming to Xbox Anymore

Bad news to those hoping to use the Nesbox Universal Emulator on Xbox, Microsoft has rejected the app from the Xbox app store. The app is still available to download on Windows 10, Windows Phones and HoloLens, unfortunately the app was blocked from the Xbox One. Some may be puzzled as why that may be, the answer is ID@Xbox. Any gaming experience has to go through that program in order to be allowed on the Xbox Store. It prevents many mobile games of low quality from flooding the store and unfortunately emulators fall into the gaming category.

The legality of the emulator itself is not the issue seeing as how their currently are several streaming apps that host illegal content for shows like Dragon Ball Z, Looney Tunes, and Batman the Animated Series. Funnily enough, those apps are hidden in the store. In order to get to them you need to manually search their titles. Another method according to online chatters, is to type in “you” on the Xbox search in order to view the hidden apps. So while the UWP may not truly mean universal apps for Xbox, it still seems to be as unrestrictive as the Windows Store on PC and Windows Phones.

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