NinjaBee Teasing New Game?

For the past few days NinjaBee Games has quietly been posting pictures on their various social media accounts. The one thing that fans of this developer want is a new Kefling game. You know those two wonderful games that require the player to build a world with your giant Xbox Live avatars while you help out the diminutive locals.  NinjaBee posted this Tweet showing a new building design:



A post on their Facebook page today shows a new design of a Kefling. when pressed for answers, NinjaBee only said in the comments that information will be coming soon. As a fan of the games, can I ask that “soon” be this week? I know this isn’t much information to go on at the moment. Hopefully some more details will be presented this week. Until then go out play those two great games. I even included a link so you don’t have and excuse not to try them. Also check out the rest of their library of games.


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