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Neill Blomkamp and OATS Studios Release Trailer for ADAM

Neill Blomkamp, a name you might be quite familiar with if you’ve kept up with the history of Halo. Once rumored to be directing a Halo movie, Blomkamp went on to make District 9, Elysium Chappie, and even start up his own studio named OATS. The studio is mostly focused on making short films but one of them in particular stands out from the rest. The episodic series ADAM had just released a trailer for episode 3 which will release on November 30th.

According to Unity, ADAM is an award winning short film made specifically to showcase the power behind the engine. The series follows a cybernetic being that awakens in complete shock as to what is happening. The series revolves around themes such as life and death. In a world where criminals are no longer put to death but given a life sentence in a robot body, the episodes make the viewer question what is a humane punishment.

Check out the first and second episode below and be on the look out for episode 3 which comes out November 30th.




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