NexDock Aims to Revolutionize Mobility with Windows 10

Since Microsoft revealed the amazing Continuum feature now on most high end Windows 10 Mobile devices, companies like HP have revealed interesting accessories for devices that have this coveted feature. This brings us to the small US company aiming to make the Continuum feature a go to feature for daily use.

The NexDock is a laptop claimshell that will allow you to connect your Windows 10 Mobile device (or Android) so you could do real work, like editing documents and checking your email all with a device that is $149.

The laptop device includes a 14 inch display (stretch goals include increasing the resolution of the device), and a big battery that will allow you to not only charge your mobile device, but keep you connected for long periods of time.

The NexDock is expected to ship June 2016, and their Indigogo crowd funding campaign just started. You can grab the device for $99 as one of their early bird special offers if you pledge now. They will offer a large selection of devices if the current offering does not suit you once they reach their crowdfunding goal.

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