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New Xbox IP May Be Based on Dark Tide Story

As E3 approaches, rumors and leaks are spilling out on to the internet. Earlier today we got a glimpse of a potential Xbox Scorpio logo and now one potential source of information may have inadvertently released plans of a new Xbox IP. According to writer Mark Lawerence, author of books such as Broken Empire and The Red Queen’s War, the “short story Dark Tide may become the basis for a new Xbox game.”

Lawerence is perhaps unfamiliar with the gaming industry and has yet to be¬†accustomed to the secrecy behind such business plans. This early reveal has yet to be acknowledged by Microsoft but considering the wording, the game appears to be early in development. For Lawerence himself to¬†use the word “may” hints at a story that is still in the works. ¬†Whatever the state of the game may be, if you would like to get¬†a first look¬†at the story Lawerence has shared a link to his website and the short story Dark Tide.


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