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New Xbox 360 Update Includes Expanded Cloud Storage And Improved Interface

We are rapidly approaching the ten year anniversary of the Xbox 360 launch but Microsoft is still supporting the console with useful firmware updates. Earlier this year Microsoft added support for external hard drives and the newest update also packs some interesting features.


The biggest feature is expanding your cloud storage space for Xbox 360 games. You will now have 2GB of space for all of your game save files from Xbox 360 games. The next newly announced feature will be particularly useful to gamers who travel with their Xbox 360 systems; you can now connect your Xbox 360 to a WiFi network that requires you to accept their terms of service. I personally think that should have been in place years ago but it is nice to finally have this feature.

If you receive an Xbox Live Marketplace code in a message you will have an option to redeem it directly from the message itself. Your Xbox Live activity feed can now be accessed from Xbox 360 and you’ll be able to post messages, watch clips, check out screen shots and leave comments on what you see. You can even see what your friends on Xbox One and Windows 10 are playing. The Xbox 360 can now access your content from Groove Music and Microsoft Movies & TV.

The final feature in the new update is one that I think should have been in place years ago. Have you ever checked out a game in the Xbox Live Marketplace and wondered if you had enough funds in your account to buy it? Now you can see your balance when browsing games in the marketplace.

What do you think of this new update? Are there any features you think the Xbox 360 still needs? Let me know in the comments section below.

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