New Warcraft Movie Trailer is Available

The second full length trailer for the upcoming movie Warcraft has landed this week. Viewers will be taken on a journey across Azeroth as two armies fight for survival. Forced from their dying home the Orcs are fleeing through a portal to a new land. The different races of Azeroth is thrown into a new war that is forcing it’s people to unite against an Orc invasion. Check out the second trailer below.

The Warcraft movie has been in development for years and, after much morphing, its finally taken its present form. The man behind the camera is Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code). The cast includes the likes of  Travis Fimell( Vikings), Paula Patton (2 GUNS) , Robert Kazinsky (Pacific Rim), Dominic Cooper (Agent Carter, Preacher) , and Ben Foster ( Lone Survivor). 

Warcraft will be one of the many movies releasing this summer that is hoping to bring in, both the fans of the video game World of Warcraft and new fans alike. Look below for a gallery of screen shots that will show how much detail has really gone into this movie. Notice how close to the game the Orc village is, or how good the armour is looking. Don’t think of this movie as Batman vs Superman, open up to the idea that this movie might be one of the best gaming adaptions we have had so far. Warcraft will land in theaters on June 10th.

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