My Hero Academia Movie TIC

New Visual For My Hero Academia Movie Released

A new visual for the upcoming My Hero Academia movie has been released on the film’s official website. In the promotional poster you can see two new characters: Melissa and Devitt. Melissa is a Quirkless girl who meets Deku on I Island. As for Devitt, he is a scientist who make “Hero Support Gear” and a childhood friend of All Might.

My Hero Academia Movie TIC

The My Hero Academia Movie will make its debut on August 3rd in Japan. As of now there is no indication whether the film will come to other territories or not. If you haven’t heard of the My Hero Academia Movie, here is a brief synopsis: The film will take place after the Final Exam Arc, during another summer, during the “Forest Training Arc.” In addition, the film will show the “younger days” of All Might.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for the film, please check it out below.

Source: Animenewsnetwork

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