New Unannounced IP coming from Driveclub Developers

After Sony unceremoniously shut down the Driveclub developer, Evolution Studios earlier this year, the studio was quickly snapped up by Codemasters earlier this month. When the head of the studio was asked about what they were working on under their new parent company, Paul Rustchynsky replied by stating that they don’t have anything to announce at this moment, but they will be starting work on their next game the end of the month.

Driveclub which launched on PS4 in 2014 was marred by some launch issues, the game however did manage to garner 2 Million sales before Sony shut down the studio. The developer will in future develop multiplatform titles, which will launch on both Xbox One and PS4, however the future of the Driveclub franchise is unknown.

Codemasters earlier this month launched the critically acclaimed Dirt Rally game, which is currently available on Xbox One and PlayStation.

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