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New Ubisoft Studio working on ‘Big Console/PC’ Project

After the successes of The Division and Far Cry Primal, Ubisoft haven’t been resting on their laurels. Their Assassins Creed 3 development studio is currently working on a massive new IP in the PC/Console space.

Speaking at a GDC, Ubisoft MD declared intention of starting up a new development studio in the Phillipines, drawing talent from their already existing Singapore studio. The new Studio marks an expansion into the South East Asian market which is ‘fast growing’ with ‘creative talent’

The studio will start out with 50 people, but aims to grow to over 200. Unfortunately it remains to be seen if the project is part of an existing franchise or a completely new one. Ubisoft refrained from releasing a new Assassins Creed this year after the success with Syndicate, opting to rather release The Division and Far Cry Primal, leaving the next Assassins Creed game to 2017.

The Division saw massive uptake as it became the fastest selling new IP in history beating Destiny.

David Whitaker
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