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New Tip For Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Discovered 29 Years After Release

I happen to believe that most of Nintendo’s early cassics have aged quite well over the decades. Some unexpected support for this opinion recently surfaced on the Reddit gaming forum. A user by the name of midwesternhousewives uploaded a video to YouTube which shows a previously unnoticed way to determine when to strike Piston Honda during your second match with the Japanese boxer. Apparently one member of the crowd – a bearded man sitting in the front row – will duck his head at the precise moment when you should throw your punch for a one-hit knockout. The knockout itself has been known for quite some time but it apparently took nearly 30 years before anybody noticed the tell.

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out pits an underdog amateur boxer against an assortment of unusual fighters. While every boxer has some sort of tell you can exploit for a devastating attack, some of them can be very subtle such as a twinkling jewel in a turban or a wink from Mike Tyson himself.

I am actually stunned that nobody at Nintendo ever mentioned this little tidbit before. Now I am atempted to dig out my old NES games and see if there are anymore details I missed.

Watch the video for yourself.

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