New Star Trek Show Logo and First Teaser

The world of television will soon be in perfect balance again. A new Star Trek show is coming to CBS in 2017. With the tag line “New Crews. New Villains. New Heroes. New Worlds.” the excitement for this new show can only get better. I mean how can it be any worse than Enterprise? The one thing I need to know is, is this in the J.J. Abrams universe where Spock’s planet is gone or is this the regular Star Trek universe? I will have to wait like everyone else so check out the teaser below.

Not much is known about the locations or creatures this new crew will be facing. The first episode will be premiering on CBS in January and then the show will be available on the CBS streaming service. So let us know at TICGN how you feel about the upcoming series in the comment sections below. Do you think Star Trek is dead and that Star Wars has taken over? Did that second movie ruin it for all future Star Trek shows? Let us know!

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