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New Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer Released

The build up to the release of the newest Star Wars movie Solo has not exactly panned out the way Disney would have wanted. Ever since the dismissal of directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord and rumours of discontent on set, there has been a black cloud looming over the movie. The first trailer released in February did little to lift the spirits of fans who could only see a car crash waiting to happen. The question marks over Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo still remained.

Disney have now released the second trailer and the movie finally appears to have some promise. Check it out below:

We get to see a bit more of all the major characters here. Obviously Ehrenreich as Solo but also a chunk of the trailer is dedicated to Donald Glover’s impossibly cool Lando and to Chewbacca. It is great to finally see Chewbacca take more of a leading role in a Star Wars film. We get some glimpses once more of Woody Harrelson as Tobias Beckett and Emilia Clarke’s Qi’Ra. There’s also Paul Bettany’s gangster Dryden Vos, a role Michael Kenneth Williams originally portrayed before he was unavailable for reshoots.

The trailer leans into the train heist element of the film which is probably the most exciting aspect. Hopefully in the finished film Solo will follow through on this promise, unlike Rogue One which never really decided on whether it was a War movie or a Heist movie and ended up being a watered down version of both.

There’s understandably still a lot of trepidation amongst fans about this seemingly unnecessary prequel, but we don’t have long to wait now to find out how it turned out. Solo: A Star Wars Story hits cinemas on May 25th.

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