A New Season Of Castlevania Returns To Netflix This Summer

Fans of the Netflix Adaptation of Castlevania finally have a release window to sink their teeth into. Even better, the second season of Trevor Belmont’s exploits against unholy monsters will be twice as long as the first – a whopping eight episodes of animated glory await you according to a tweet from series writer Warren Ellis.


This should be welcome news to fans of the first season of Castlevania which featured excellent writing but suffered from pacing issues due to a run of only four episodes.

The show is based on the third game of the series, Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. The main character is the aforementioned Trevor Belmont who is descended from a long line of vampire killers.

No word as of yet on returning voice actors, new characters or the direction of the new season. We will be sure to update you when Netflix makes an official announcement for the new season.

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