New Respawn Studio in Vancouver will focus on Apex Legends

On the heels of a strong but not perfect season 5 launch, Respawn has announced it’s expansion with a new studio opening in Vancouver, Canada in the near future. In light of recent departures of Vince Zampella to a soon-to-be rebranded DICE LA, as well as Drew McCoy and Jon Shiring starting the remote-first Gravity Well studio it seems Respawn is looking to offload a majority of the Apex Legends work to the already EA familiar Vancouver area talent pool.

This move will of course make sense as EA has many studios in the greater Vancouver area that can help the new Respawn outfit with growing pains. It also presumably frees up Respawns second development team who have historically worked on Apex Legends and Titanfall.

This however does not mean a return for the fan favorite mech FPS. Recently in an IGN interview Zampella was asked about the possibility of a Titanfall 3 being in the works at his DICE LA studio and said “There’s a lot of really good shooter talent there. But I don’t want to lock it in and say that’s definitely exactly what they’re doing”.

We’ll just have to wait and see what all these Respawn or Respawn adjacent teams are up to. Shooters would make the most sense given the pedigree but it’s well known that EA wants to make Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order into a franchise.

The new Respawn development studio focusing on Apex Legends at a time when the battle-royale hit is branching out into more PvE and story based content should be interesting to track. Hopefully the new studio can carry on the mantle and continue delivering interesting events, maps, Legends and more.

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