New ReCore Interview with Keiji Inafune

A new interview for the upcoming game ReCore just went up on the official Xbox YouTube channel; the interview features gaming legend Keiji Inafune and Armature Studios’s Mark Pacini. Inafune and Pacini explain a little bit of the game’s story which centers around a character named Jewel and her robotic pal, Mack; Jewel is one of the last humans on the planet and Mack is trying to help her find a way to bring humanity back to Earth, but they must deal with a villainous group of robots who want to prevent humanity’s return.

Inafune goes on to reveal that the game’s scenery changes completely after sandstorms and the changes then affect gameplay. He also reveals that like in the trailer, you can place Mack’s core (almost like his soul) into other robots or even other objects in the environment; it’s also revealed that you’ll be able to do that with other robots who aren’t Mack. There will also be many other robot companions who will each lead to unique adventures.

Inafune goes on to explain that he created ReCore as a possible outlook on the future humanity is possibly going on and how it may end.

More information on ReCore, perhaps even gameplay, is expected to be seen at this year’s Gamescom event. ReCore is currently set to be released in the spring of 2016 only on Xbox One.

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